Hey there!

I'm Oli, a Designer, Photographer and retoucher based out of London.

Apologies that there's not a huge amount of stuff on this site at the moment. It's mostly old photographic work from 5+ years ago, and none of the actual work I'm actually proud of.

I've been pretty busy working on some incredible clients including Adidas, Coca-Cola, Tommy Hilfiger, Audi and heaps more over the past few years, and have mainly found new work through word of mouth and a trusty pdf, so there's not a lot on here!

I've taken the time during the Covid period to have a rethink about how I want to show my work off to you guys. 

Feel free to have a wander round this incredibly basic, bare and empty site that I've mocked up in the meantime, whilst I get cracking on a new portfolio.


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